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The counter MBT sandals blew the wind of the "low carbon"

 The counter MBT sandals blew the wind of the "low carbon"

MBT sandals this summer have vied for the early spring market has long been the provincial capital of consumers to capture. Interview, the reporter saw, affected by the market ahead of the MBT sandals style updates become more frequent than in previous years together, but unlike in previous years, the prevalence of the concept of "low carbon" MBT sandals also started to play the "low carbon "brand, and even non-leather MBT Shoes Australia are not favored to become the darling of this summer.

Interview, the reporter noted that this year, the decoration of the MBT sandals and heels and other parts of the material tend to be more simple, straightforward style, fabric the MBT counter sandals, grass establishment shoes advocate of "green" concept is a combination of popular low-carbon "wind.

Interview, the reporter saw the spring shoe market of the provincial capital has already been a lot of summer MBT sandals occupy, which in addition to long-term favored leather texture MBT counter sandals on the counter this year more than a cloth MBT sandals, leather texture of the shadow of the MBT sandals . Shoes counter of a shopping mall, the reporter picked up a pair price at 350 yuan, the appearance of design as the Leopard MBT counter sandals to ask the sales staff, store sales staff that this section of the MBT sandals are not leather texture, but the leather products, but the price is very appropriate, selling well.

This reporter has learned, low-carbon MBT sandals this year, just pop up, but the price is lower than the leather or doping to 20% -30% of the MBT Australia sandals of leather, leather products MBT sandals both can achieve the effect of the dermis, but also reduce the hunting of animals, you can also reduce production costs, so that consumers can save a lot of money. "interview a lot of MBT sandals sales staff, said the lower price of low-carbon MBT sandals MBT Kisumu, the trend of black not only satisfy consumers' catch tide "mentality, will not be emptied their wallets, resource conservation and cost savings, the best of both worlds, good sales.

MBT store MBT shoes in the spring of 2012, large inventory, MBT shoes have been focusing on external and internal the same ways, stylish and beautiful, and "health shoes," said. You go out to travel, the essential shopping and leisure products, and the MBT shoes since the market is respected in the world as early as "shoes".

In the world of leisure products, MBT store represents a special kind of status symbol, this symbol was called the "three lines of victory. From its founding date, MBT shoes have helped countless foot to relax in his spare time, the achievements of the many feats. Therefore, MBT shoes can be said that a collection of the best examples of people trust and respect.

MBT shoes light gray shoes, good air permeability, is essential for a single product of the spring and summer outing tourism. Like it went to the store to order one pair MBT.

With the title of Champion shoes MBT shoes, in addition to continuation of a consistent and comfortable characteristics, the design of more trendy need to use a variety of color combinations, adding contemporary fashion elements made of colorful cloth series, easily with the characteristics most suitable for the influx of people a family, 51 trips may wish to choose a pair of MBT shoes white, absolutely become a fashion icon!