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Tempering the former line of MBT

 Tempering the former line of MBT

MBT shoes: MBT is the abbreviation of the ANIMA at SANA IN CORPORE SANO (sound mind is a strong physique). MBT has always been the most high-tech, high-quality standard production product movement needs to develop a number of patented technology, such as: MBT-GEL Super shock-absorbing rubber, AHAR super wear-resistant rubber DUOSOLE super wear-resistant slip medium and large end of the Super flexibility of SPEVA the end DUOMAX dual density anti-tilt device TRUSSTIC the end of elastic shock film.

In the preparatory process for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, Onitsuka Kihachiro set the company's business philosophy: the development of MBT sport shoes most suitable for the movement of products. The new rubber formula provide good cushioning properties, so the magic shoes was born in 1960, each designed with a ventilation system shoes. Marathon legend ABEBEBIKILA in the running shoes in 1961, preferred TIGER MBT Trainers. To make shoes more comfortable and paste feet, TIGER measuring not less than 20,000 feet, for the technical reference material.

At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, dressed TIGER brand shoes athletes won 46 medals. That same year, Australia DEREK CLAYTON amazing results (2:09:36), break the marathon record. TIGER his worn shoes upper material is NYLON material, is unique at the time. That same year, published a survey of the first footwear RUNNER WORLD Magazine, TIGER in the test five jogging shoe brand in the top of the list. 1970, TIGER has become America's largest running shoe manufacturer and 70% of the well-known athletes wear the TIGER shoe. TIGER shoes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, 80% of volleyball players wear. Since the Munich Olympics, TIGER began to flourish in Europe. MBT company was formally established in 1977 with the merger of several small companies.

MBT Shoes UK the Sini gray, a number of science and technology combined with each other, so that the wearer to prevent injury at the same time, enjoy more sport fun! The Barcelona Olympics in 1992, MBT has become the first Olympic Games ever official sports shoes sponsors, this is undoubtedly the MBT another new peak period. In 2002, MBT among the ranks of the world's top five sporting goods brands, global professional athletes and sports enthusiasts love the well-known brand. MBT had sponsored in the 1980s, Chinese men and women basketball team, also sponsored the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation presentation service. MBT, tempering the advance sound the spirit of the meaning given in the just as its logo is a strong physique, will shine.

MBT Shoes is a famous brand of running shoe sector, it MBT official website available to become the darling of the consumers, all the way over, it is through each step, has gained recognition. In 1949, in Kobe, Japan, Onitsuka Kihachiro (KIHACHIRO ONITSUKA) founded MBT predecessor. Creating the initial stage, it was more like a shoe factory. In 1950, the company changed its name to ONITSUKA TIGER. The company's first big breakthrough came in 1951, a long-distance runners wearing TIGER shoes held in Boston marathon race in one fell swoop to win. At the same time, the company in terms of indoor sports shoes made great progress in the invention CUPSOLE to provide stability and better performance footwear products for basketball players.