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MBT shoes to create a 2012 popular style

 MBT shoes to create a 2012 popular style

MBT Shoes Australia to create a 2012 popular style, Milan, Italy Fashion Institute of expert Aldo Rene Morley forecast next season's winter shoes fashion trends: comfort for the purpose of the series evolution based on the original shoes, shoes regression natural. Laspina, the Italian Trade Commission, Chief Representative, said that the activities since 2004, in each organized in the spring and autumn time, keen to capture the next season's fashion trends, popular development trend of the world's footwear industry has a lot of guidelines.

Italian Trade Commission and Italian footwear industry Association recently held in Beijing in 2011-2012 autumn and winter footwear trends conference, Rene Morley, 2011-2012 MBT autumn and winter shoes will be popular minimalist style. urban village style and sports village style inherent romantic style, MBT Swiss shoes to create a 2012 popular style.

Inherent romantic style derived from the inner dream. Color use of retro colors, soft colors, the most elegant shoes for the design, the use of a large number of silver, copper and bronze to be modified; material selection, imitation buckskin and the lint leather, reptile skin and snake skin. tweed, brocade, metallic fur; style is retro with sandals and strapless pale mouth with the shoes, to be slender heel and short heel design. Jewelry decorated with sandals is a typical representative of this romantic style trends. Urban village style and sports village style advocating is a return to simplicity. MBT shoes to create a 2012 popular style tones inspired by nature, but still with urban elements; MBT Swiss shoes yellow leather, bold use of bright lines tone, the use of red and orange to give maximum brightness; style is knee boots, ankle boots and knee boots.

MBT shoes simple style advocating simple yet thin design. Tone from the 1990s classic minimalist design style, black, white and pure gray with beautiful blue and green decoration; square followed by the still popular hit of this season; materials with soft and made the old imitation leather materials, soft pure leather and crocodile leather, tweed and tweed-effect materials, decolorizing sets of dyeing cotton, chintz and metallic-colored imitation leather materials.

As highly personalized characteristics, it is the unassuming charm and rough lines always make us the same feel of, but how can such a pair of distinctive MBT shoes to wear clothing with their own star range, while not heavy manifested? the MBT Xiaobian for you a list of MBT for health with the help, so you always maintain the youth.

You Tell me, please listen to the MBT Australia shoes make you healthy, and can lead body movement below his right for you. Encouraging the use of neglected muscle; improve posture and gait; adjustment and in shape; help improve the back, buttocks, legs and feet; help heal joints, muscles, ligaments and tendon injuries; reduce knee and bone and joint pressure. MBT's unique sole structure, making the wearer is in a naturally stable state, but by balancing movement, ie through increased muscle activity to be eliminated. Studies, wearing MBT shoes walking the knee of the pressure decrease of 19% walking, legs first stretch directly in contact with the ground, and then stretching through the knee to stimulate the muscles around the joint, MBT can effectively alleviate the knee problem.

Martin boots punk rock style indispensable prerequisite single product, in many rock bands who you can see their shadow, I must mention is our rock and roll days Hou Yiwei children, film and live show in her many street in can see. Dressed in the standard punk leather and cutting atmosphere white T-shirt, plus feet jeans and that Lengkudaodi of glasses, MBT Swiss shoes purple with rock temperament girl is going out.