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MBT shoes are negative heel makes sense

 MBT shoes are negative heel makes sense

Fitness and shoes "is the brainchild of a senior female executive of a shoe international trading company in Hong Kong. She found the high to low MBT soles not only can upright posture, significant weight loss. It also attracted strong interest of scientists for scientific research purposes, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Sports Science Prof HONG Youlian (the current international movement Society of Biomechanics Vice-Chairman) and Human Movement Laboratory Scientific Officer Dr. Li Jingxian co-chaired the research and testing of MBT shoes . Through the photographic record, EMG, energy consumption, breathing. Rate monitor, foot stress analysis equipment and instruments, and the trial of the six projects. The study confirmed that the soles from high to low fitness shoes can really make significant with straight trunk, can strengthen the back muscles to help correct standing and walking. "Slimming effect" has been fully confirmed, so the fitness shoes, also known as "downsizing MBT Exercise Shoes. Also unexpectedly found that wearing the MBT shoes, walking, changes in body posture so that the feet touch the ground, the impact force decreases, which undoubtedly has a protective effect on the foot.

  MBT shoes developer of physical training known theoretical research, in-depth study of published research papers from various angles. Physical training shoes, as the name suggests is used to beautify the body. The ballerina's body is undoubtedly the most perfect, especially because their torso than the average person is much to be straight. Insiders call it "unnatural posture, which is the first condition to become a ballet dancer, is also the highest state of human beauty. Feet the ballet physical training requirements must open outward 180 "was" a "shape, the center of gravity to the heel, will form the unusually upright posture. The principle of physical training MBT shoes, the soles is a former high low, is also moving the body center of gravity to force the heel, the body immediately becomes erect so, the people standing in their daily lives, walking with all the significance of physical training, body training becomes a part of life. This approach has been as educational materials in the world of dance to promote physical training shoes by Body enthusiasts (especially postpartum women) welcome, saying it is "lazy body training method. had any contact with this MBT Shoes Australia friends, If you are interested by the two small trials to verify: let his body to keep straight (such as standing against the wall), to understand what the center of gravity whether in the heel; barefoot or wear flat shoes to stand, the former at the foot pad of a 2 cm thick and feel the usual upright posture.

  Physical training shoes also have medical significance. We all know that low back pain, cervical spondylosis of the root causes of excessive bending of the spine, the correction is the most fundamental method of treatment, the healthy human body training is the treatment of low back pain, cervical spondylosis. Rehabilitation of physical training MBT Australia shoes can also be popular with the "go down" to explain. The surgeon will usually advise patients to "go down" (backward walking) exercise, practice has proved good results. With the principle of physical training, go down the role is to move the center of gravity of the human heel. But go down by the constraints of road conditions and many other conditions, but also prone to the risk of falls. It is because of the existence of these hidden, fell walking exercise difficult to sustain, the effect is naturally limited. Physical training MBT fitness shoes is to solve this problem, it will be the body center of gravity long-term restrictions in the heel, so even walking forward, go down the rehabilitation efficacy. The latest low back pain rehabilitation methods, called "low back pain, foot therapy in the medical profession.

Some people may worry about to go down or wearing MBT negative heel heel health damage, in fact, this concern is unnecessary. For example, to a ballet dancer and ballet action, but the position of the feet only five, known as the five, each pin requires feet completely out (horizontal) open. At this point, the weight of the body almost always fell on the heel, a greater force than to wear the MBT negative heel, but also strenuous exercise. Even so, the heel of a ballet dancer that does not thereby impaired. Ballet for centuries, but also damaged the records of the heel. So this fear is unnecessary, the center of gravity of the body upright in the heel.