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MBT sandals casual cool version of the Spring Festival travel

 MBT sandals casual cool version of the Spring Festival travel

Leisure MBT shoes structural style, do not have to rigidly adhere to a certain kind of empty type, it can be before the full-empty type; can be "flip-style" can also be buckling or slippers type. Leisure MBT sandals designed first to meet the comfort requirements of the wearer, followed by the style and an individual's personality. Leisure MBT sandals designed for young female consumers, and shoes to help the former is white, the designer can be the head of the shoe shape design of exaggerated novelty, allows the former to help the entire components and in helping bands parts of the novel contrast constitute.

Which the full-empty bar with style but also divided into thin strips with a full-empty-type wide band full-empty type, parallel to the bar with a full-empty type, interspersed with articles with full-empty type, connection bar with full-empty-type (parallel connection, radial connection), etc. . With the development of the MBT sandals worn function gradually refined, there has been formal wear MBT shoes (front and back full of hollow, after the expiry of the empty type, etc.), leisure MBT sandals cowboy shoes (thick soles MBT sandals, sandals and slippers, etc.) Fashion MBT sandals (focus on change and decoration) and the movement MBT Shoes Australia (with different wearing function of MBT sandals for better flexible movement soles and tied feet securely to help structure).

The selection of paint materials, leather, matte leather, suede, cotton, linen fabrics and chamois leather, the above materials can also be used with rich visual sense, to increase the change of material or the beauty of the contrast material. The former can also impose sewn stems, punching, Ji-line help on decorative craft to emphasize the beauty of modeling. If leisure MBT sandals are all empty style, designer In addition to the shape of concern to the uppers, but also of the shoe outsole shape, with the type and within the end of the graphics and color design. Empty leisure MBT sandals uppers components usually wide strip or thin strips with a composition, "planar" to help feed and strip to help feed with from, the combination of clever, there will be a unique artistic effect (color Figure 62), the key to the design of these components overlap or connection to be novel and unique. Leisure MBT Australia sandals overall design, innovative decorative accessories on the shape effect also plays a big role. The use of accessories designed to give full attention to the decorative accessories should be consistent with the overall styling of the shoes, accessories, shape, color, texture, combinations, or a combination of graphics novel.

Color scheme to the two extreme directions, one is smarter and high purity, bright color such as yellow, sky blue, orange, light green, orange, etc., and the other is a low brightness and low purity of the dark gray (muddy color). Of course, the clever and low purity of the light gray often young women loved. Whether it is of bright color, cloudy gray, used alone, can also color match; MBT both with contrasting colors can also be configured with the same color. Color with a color-based-based color space, supplemented by another color, the area is relatively small.