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MBT mix of methods and maintenance of storage

 MBT mix of methods and maintenance of storage

MBT Shoes bright colors, bold and brave, a change in the past sports shoes and MBT shoes monotonous colors, red, white, blue, yellow, black and other colors and intricate, retained the traditional two-color stripes with on the basis of further broaden the multicolor , with a variety of forms. Pure gold running shoes want to come to the Head of Health, Sports fans are not like Nike has had Michael Johnson and Liu Xiang carefully crafted golden running shoes, the whole pair of shoes like put on golden armor, golden saint, rather kingly . Solid color MBT sport shoes won the day by going to color or multicolor with MBT shoes are also popular consumer favorite. Different color schemes show different styles: pink and xuan with gentle and steady; xuan and white mix, showing a bright personality; pink and black mix of lively and lovely. MBT shoes are a combination of casual style and minimalist style, vigor, and the passionate inner style and function of MBT shoes, strong, dynamic beat highlights an independent and confident style. However, the most dazzling color was undoubtedly the golden

In addition, MBT shoes for a variety of consumer groups launched several "special" style. MBT shoes can show the wearer's state of mind, unassuming aesthetics and philosophy of life of the wearer, is a reflection of personal taste and cultural qualities. Throughout recent years, the development of footwear popular rule, the MBT Sale shoes in the spring and summer of 2009 will show the following trends. Course, there are white, gray and other colors, but still is being white. Such as "elegant leisure" is characterized by warm soft light color instead of bright; confusion light Phantom of the Opera "type in the original luxury, add a dash of young modern odor; type of bright warmth to crystal clear transparent light bright highlights a brilliant touch of color tone; natural fresh pattern are filled with dynamic and smart blue and natural green people feeling infection to return to natural quiet and relaxed.

MBT shoes storage, you should do some maintenance, focusing on decontamination, mold, anti-dry and prevent deformation.

First of all, to do the uppers and soles clean decontamination. The sandals of different texture should be treated differently. Stains on the leather uppers generally can not rub a damp cloth, let alone on the water immersion, or easy to wipe the surface of the shoe shade pulp, but also to make the shoes hardening, deformation. For light-colored leather sandals with a soft cloth dipped in the same color shoe polish gently rub. Should be noted that the shoe polish can not be coated with a thick, volatile and dry because the shoe polish, painted too much, over time will cause the upper dry. In addition, in the collection of the best painted a little raw chicken fat or raw lard enable leather remains soft and moist, not easily deformed. For smooth leather sandals, you can wipe the stain with a dry cloth on some shoe polish can. Store suede sandals, first check the suede on the stains, use fine sandpaper to the spot gently friction, both decontamination can keep the suede erected. MBT Shoes UK soles of sludge, but also dip the brush clean

Second, do the shoes mold, moisture treatment. Before the storage, be sure to sandals cool ventilated place to dry naturally for several days. If you have a moldy, available with a soft cloth or soft brush to get rid of the moldy, and catch up on a shoe-shining oil. If you do not become moldy clear, mbt shoes in storage, the mold away from the more serious, the proliferation of mold spores into the air, not only pollute the indoor environment, but also harmful to human health.

Finally, the proper collection. Should put some moisture agent in a shoebox. Otherwise, once the MBT shoes wet, president of the mold, the next year wear, easy to cause athlete's foot and other diseases. Deformation in order to prevent sandals, best hold on the shoe trees shoes filled with old newspapers, and then within the collection in a shoebox. In addition, the shoe box should be placed in the shade away from heating and lighting, and to ensure that will not be pinched. If the shoe box number is not enough, as far as possible to save the sandals in the grid to prevent the shoes deformation.