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MBT is a barefoot shoes?

 MBT is a barefoot shoes?

 MBT Trainers is a barefoot shoes? Does not sound a little strange? However, there are two brands of the shoes. Masai Barefoot Technology (MasaiBarefootTechnology, MBT), a Nike infinite (NikeFree,). Maker publicity quite amazing, that they can play the role of ordinary shoes will not achieve enhanced muscle strength. Allegedly, the two brands of shoes improve athletic performance. MBT at the same time more to improve blood circulation and slow down the effect of low back pain. Two brands of its own all fans. But so far, few have published an independent study to prove the shoes do have their propaganda effect.

    Production of MBT shoes, Switzerland Marseille (SwissMasai), said inspired by the Masai of East Africa (Masai). The company said that this tribe of nomadic hunting ethnic people living in Kenya and Tanzania, all year round walking barefoot on the soft but rough terrain run. Few of them suffering from joint and back disorders. MBT Shoes are multi-layer soles, followed by the design into a circle, so that the person wearing the shoes unstable sense of a step on the ball or walking in the sand, forcing them to mobilize their foot and leg muscles to help maintain their own balance.

    The manufacturers claim that this part of the muscle is enhanced, the load of the joints is reduced accordingly, thus the joint pain can be eased. The shoes known to help improve the posture of standing and walking, burning more body heat, so they have to increase the height, and weight loss effects. Some people even said this shoe has a role to reduce fat on the buttocks.

    To find a scientific basis to their argument, the MBT products to sell are often quoted in a special study conducted by the University of Calgary (UniversityofCalgary) funded by the producers. This involves only the eight thematic research projects came to the conclusion, by wearing MBT for people who wear ordinary shoes, the more muscle activity in standing and walking when knee and hip joint pressure on the smaller. The same research team recently completed a study further showed that wear these shoes can relieve some arthritis patients with knee pain. Small-scale study in the UK and Germany come to the conclusion that this shoe has a positive role for improving the line posture gait. However, to date, there is no convincing research results can be proved MBT also has a role to reduce fat on the buttocks.